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back from haitus!

2014-12-07 21:05:50 by juicebeverage

I'm finally back from haitus! Thank you to all of you who have looked and suportted my artwork! I am so sorry I disapeared out of the blue but i'm finally back! University and animation classes have meant I really havnt been able to get up any new work because of my busy scedule, but im finally in with a little break and it's during the run up to christmas!


So espect a few naughty posts!


Merry christmas!


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2014-12-07 22:36:37

Happy Holidays!

juicebeverage responds:

Happy holidays to you too plauge! :D


2014-12-09 03:47:11

I saw your gif on the art portal. Pretty good! How much work went into just that practice test?

juicebeverage responds:

Thank you :) It's 65 frames, based and shaded took around 4 hours to pass time at university. I drank a coffee and It just kept going. I'm still pretty new to animating, but I want to get faster. ;u; thank you for the kind words!